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Breakfast Menu

Please scroll down for a sample menu. Menu is subject to change.  



Breakfast of Viennoiserie $8.95
Croissant, pain au chocolat, brioche, fresh
orange or grapefruit juice, and your choice
of freshly brewed coffee, decaffeinated coffee,
or one of our specialty teas...Voila!



Fresh Fruit Plate Margaux Style
Orange and grapefruit segments, banana,
pineapple, melon, fresh seasonal berries
served with cottage cheese or yogurt



Fresh Orange or Grapefruit Juice $2.85

Chilled Apple, Cranberry, Prune,
Pineapple, Tomato, or V-8 Juice

Seasonal Fresh Berries $5.75
With crème fraîche



Hot Oatmeal $3.50
With brown sugar and raisins

Selection of Cold Cereals $3.25
All Bran, Raisin Bran, Special K,
Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Kellogg's,
Corn Flakes, or Frosted Mini Wheats
With Fruit $4.75



Malted Honey Waffle
With boysenberry syrup

French Toast $6.50
With cinnamon, raisins, and maple syrup

Roasted Pecan and Banana Pancakes $6.95
With maple syrup

The Seattle-lite $8.25
Two country eggs, any style, crispy bacon
or apple link sausage, hash brown potatoes,
with a choice of a mini baguette or muffin

Eggs Benedict
Two poached eggs and smoked Canadian bacon,
on top of an English muffin, topped with hollandaise sauce
and served with hash brown potatoes
With smoked salmon $10.95
With crab meat $12.95

Margaux Omelette $9.25
Sautéed zucchini , goat cheese, and fresh herbs
served with hash brown potatoes, and a mini baguette

Omelette La Sante $9.25
Egg whites, chiffonade spinach, artichokes,
goat cheese, and hash brown potatoes, with
a choice of toast or English muffin

Country Turkey Hash $9.50
With two poached eggs, hash brown potatoes,
tomato basil hollandaise sauce, and choice of
a mini baguette or English muffin

Forestier Omelette $9.95
With golden gourmet mushrooms, red onions,
Gruyere cheese, and hash brown potatoes,
served with mini baguette

Pike Place Market Smoked Salmon $10.50
With cream cheese, red onions, capers,
grated egg served with mini baguette or bagel



One Egg Any Style $2.50

Two Eggs, Any Style $3.25

Two Apple Link Sausage $3.95

Four American Bacon Strips $3.95

Yogurt, Low Fat and Assorted Flavors $1.95

Cottage Cheese $2.25

Hash Brown Potatoes $2.25

Smoked Canadian Bacon $3.95

Toasted Bagel and Cream Cheese $2.95
Onion, cinnamon, or plain

Toast $1.75
Choice of whole wheat, white, sourdough, rye

Toasted Mini Baguette $1.95

Fresh Seasonal Berries $5.25
Ask your server

English Muffin $1.75

Danish $1.55

Croissant $2.25

Pain au Chocolat $2.25

Brioche $1.95

Egg Beaters are available upon request.



Pot of Seattle's Best Coffee $2.25
Regular or decaffeinated

Hot Chocolate $1.65

Espresso $1.95

Mocha $2.75

Cappucino $2.25

Latte $2.50

Breve $2.50

Add Margaux's wonderful vanilla, hazelnut,
or raspberry syrup to any coffee drink!

Pot of Tea $2.25
Selection of Taylor's of Harrogate Teas:
Scottish Breakfast, Black Currant, English Breakfast,
Chamomile Flowers, Earl Grey, Green China,
Peppermint Tisane, Decaffeinated, Afternoon
Darjeeling, Lemon, and Orange
The choice is yours!